Academic Registration  

WINTER 2018 

New Students

February 27, March 11, and 18, 2019

from 1-4 pm

Academic Courses. What We Offer
English Language -Secondary I to V
French (Second Language) Secondary I to V
Math - 416,426, 436, 526 traditional teaching
Math 536
Physical Science 436
Canadian History
Physics 536(Limited Space. Register Early)
Chemistry 534 (Limited Space. Register Early)

Students who have studied in Quebec will have their transcripts evaluated by our Academic Advisor. Once the assessment is complete the student will know exactly what they require in order to graduate or to enroll in a Vocational Centre.

Students who have not previously studied in Quebec are given placement tests and are interviewed in order to properly assess which programme and which level within the programme bests meets their needs.

All students must be legal residents of the Province of Quebec in order to attend

You must bring your latest record of marks (* if you have no record of academic level courses from an 

English high school in Quebec and you want to register in our high school.

You may need a Placement Test before registering.

Please contact our Academic and Vocational Counsellor:  

CALL NOW 514-374-2888